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Happy Birthday My Friend..God bless you

Posted on: January 14, 2010

An old gem! hope you like it.

Have  a wonderful day!


2 Responses to "Happy Birthday My Friend..God bless you"

Thank you dear friend- as always you know my favorites…last year it was mamatti kuttiyamma right, this year another favorite of mine that left a mark…I also remember ambala puzhai – songs i cherish in malayalam, because these were the ones i listened to while growing up….thanks much.

glad you had a good day UL.
indeed, these were the songs we listened then. I remember a cousin of mine ( 2 gilrs only, older one was 7-8 then) started calling her little sister ‘vavachi’ after this movie.

Will come back to listen to this song. It’s a nice tradition you have Shy – celebrating b’days and anniversaries by dedicating songs. Very special indeed.

Happy B’day again UL.

hope you like the song. it is mallu song..but like a good art, you don’t need to know the language!
well, little something I can do when I can’t be there in person to wish!

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