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A no pain vegetable dish

Posted on: January 18, 2010

[I like Rachel Ray’s 30minutes cooking-quick and easy yet mostly mostly healthy, take help from store bought items etc. Next time if anyone wants to buy me a gift, buy this book (see I am not just giving out recipes, even gift ideas for me- c’mon have some modesty  Mia!!)]

 I like Cabbage, but the very thought of washing fine chopping it puts me off. Then I found this one salad aisle in grocery shop. A pack of  ‘ Coleslaw salad mix’ – has green cabbage, red cabbage, carrots etc.

 –          in a kadai, 1 tsp oil. Sputter mustard seeds.

–          Add ½ chopped onion or few shopped shallots

–          Add Curry leaves few if you have

–          Add chopped green chilly for  heat

–          Add ½ inch chopped ginger root

–          When the onion is getting transparent, add ½ tsp turmeric powder.

–          Mix well. Now add the coleslaw mix ( if you fine some big pieces in the pack, take it and chop it and of course add to kadai)

–          Add salt to taste.

–          Mix well. Make like a heap with the spoon. Keep it in medium heat with lid closed till when its own steam started coming from it.( in about 2 -3  mts)

–          Turn the heat off. Keep it like that for another 4-5 mts. Mix it well and serve.

–          I don’t like it over cooked, like it little crunchy.

 Voila..Cabbage thoran ready. You could add grated coconut if you like to the mix.

 Oh..I am so tired of chopping all that cabbageJ


5 Responses to "A no pain vegetable dish"

…that’s why they invented a veggie chopper… I make this all the time – I do the same with all the veggies – thoran is always there at my home…thank god for veggie choppers – cheap and well worth the buy, check out black and deckers veggie chopper…

funny! I knew somebody is going to tell me that. I have a chopper too. But for cabbage thoran, the chopper does not give me the long thin strips. The chopper makes it more like a coarse chop, whcih I don’t like. Same for green Payar for thoran. I do it with hand.
Oh yes, I use it for onions etc..

aha – you have a shape in mind i see , i grew up on small tiny bits of cabbage, so it works perfect – i know the long strands you talk of, that’s so much easier to do with hand (though I dont do it – I hate cutting of any sort),,,green payar is green beans right? i have a problem with that , i love it, but i hate to cut it and wont work on a chopper, so it is rarely that i make beans thoran…

beans: there is long beans or french beans. both are easy to do with hand. wash and dry them(in a colander). clip off the ends with hands. and when you curl up to watch 24, take this in a plate and keep breaking it one by one with hand. ( actually clipping ends can also be done watching TV)

You are a girl after my own heart – Are you sure you are a Keralite and have no connection with TN? LOL! I get this coleslaw bag all the time and use it in noodles, salad, curry (or thoran), mixed rice – pretty much anything in which I can add this. The crunch it gives, is especially good in salad or noodles with the chewy tofu.

lol..TN , kerala bhai bhai! I haven’t tried them noodles or salads. Actually I like to so some noodle stuff, because you keep mentioning that. what is mixed rice? it is fried rice?
And A-kay, time to squeeze the lemon and shake the chillies. waiting..

see Shy – I could sit my laptop and type away while watching 24 – or stretch on the carpet and do some stretches at times – that’s my idea of relaxing. If I start clipping beans /breaking them , then relaxation flies out the window and I am doing a chore again, i dont relax…see I HATE cooking and anything to do with cooking that much… 🙂 sorry it is just me 🙂

ummmm..ok, keep the beans away

Good tip Shy. I know chopping takes a long time for me and that’s probably my least favorite part. Have never used chopper a whole lot – I mean you have to clean the chopper after use, cannot use it for beans or cabbage etc. So many strings attached. My cooking style needs a serious revamp.

Would love to see more recipes from you Mia. You too A-kay if you are reading this comment. I would love some soup recipes from one of you please.

tell me about it, cleaning the chopper that is.that’s why unless I am cooking for a gathering( that too only for onions), chopper stays inside.

glad you are finding my so called recipes useful. Last Nov, I did a post for ‘mixed vegie soup'( see my laziness to . link). I don’t have much soup recipes, sorry girl. sure A-kay will turn out some for you.

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