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Called on impulse..but got me thinking

Posted on: June 7, 2010

I haven’t heard from a classmate from engineering college days for long. On impulse I picked up the phone and called her from work (her time 9.30pm in Kerala).

 After I was done complaining she not writing often( she works for BSNL-all free national calls -(too bad ) no free ISD calls otherwise she would have called me every day.hahaha), rest was catching up as usual- work, friends, family and kids..yes kids.

Like this friend’s, most of my friends’ older kids are in grade 6-7 (there is just finished grade 10). Because of most of them got married within 2-3 years after engineering. I was the last one to get married even considering boys from our class.

 So I was telling my friend that my older kid is yet to start grade1 while theirs are far ahead. Then pat came her response “so what, you are one lucky one. Got to enjoy (real) life, travel around, be independent etc. None of us got that luxury, we all were married and managing homes. we could have done anytime ”.

 Although true, I have never thought of it like that .I am the only girl who planted myself in an unknown country –single, unmarried, not accompanying husband.

 I did not know that my friends thought of it this way. I am way too thankful for this opportunity.

 Acha never liked me going out of Kerala. Mommy was always the opposite- open your wings fly away and see the places, achieve things( a lot I  ‘ blame it on you mommy’).

note: during my last India trip this friend, another friend( they work in nearby offices) and I met and had lunch for their lunch hour. If I make it for india  trip end of this year, we are planning for a get together- many are in kerala,  2 coming from Australia possibly..that will be fun..whole lot of fun..we will see.


2 Responses to "Called on impulse..but got me thinking"

There is a lot of merit in what you have accomplished dear friend. Growing up, I thought I would have a life like you meaning career oriented, independent and all that jazz. But life has different plans, which turned out to be perfect for me. I think in the end it all evens out, just the order of events are different for different people.

Was a treat to read your posts.

“I think in the end it all evens out, just the order of events are different for different people”-that is exactly how i wanted conlude the post but did not come to me. see I have no magic with words, like you have.
thanks girl.

How lovely to catch up with old friends…now you have got me thinking…I have to knock on some door myself…esp. MR!! Been ages!
yes, living in the NOW.
I was wondering too, where is MR gone?.

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