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Customer service at Tim Hortons

Posted on: June 7, 2010

On a recent road trip, we stopped at Tim Hortons in the afternoon..hubby for his usual coffee and kids some cookies.

 As I was choosing cookies, I heard the counter staff asking my husband “ Sir, are you right handed or lefty?”. I was puzzled what it has to do with coffee, I was expecting ‘2sugars? Double milk? Etc. I looked curiously and saw that the staff closing the travel mug with lid, slit side to left.

 That’s customer service, I was impressed. This may be a common practice in many coffee shops, I would not know because I am not much of a coffee shop person.

 Now if I am filling hubby’s coffee mug for his morning commute, I do the same and remember that staff. God bless him! it is a simple gesture but shows you care.

note: RH/LH applies only if the travel mug has handle; otherwise it does not matter..(stating the obvious:)


3 Responses to "Customer service at Tim Hortons"

Never had that question – right-handed or left-handed in a coffee shop. Not that I am a frequent visitor to coffee shops, but never ever in any one of my 5 times a year visits. May be it was just him or the shop or, Canada? 🙂

I have no clue him/shop/canada. But I find it a warm gesture.

Plesantly surprised to see your comments just few minutes after I posted this. because I was not posting for long time, I was thinking that no one was checking this space

This is the first time I am hearing of it too..! very thoughtful indeed.

I should ask other people to find out

I loved that note- the tube light that i am, wouldnt have figured that 🙂


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