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Kumbhakarna is up..

Posted on: June 7, 2010

Did so well in winter Olympics, won so many medals..interviews/pressconferences galore followed..endorsement photoshoots were not quick n easy..no wonder I was this tired and recovery took 4 months..still did not beat kumbhakarna’s 6 months of sleep.

 What I have been upto? ..actually nothing..was just plain lazy. Seriously, by nature I am a lazy person and that is what it is.

 All the while I was reading my regulars’ blogs and commenting (sometimes )as you know.

 Time to wake up and do something in life..some silly blog posts at least…before I hit next Olympics


3 Responses to "Kumbhakarna is up.."

Hahaha… yes, would love to see some silly blog posts!

I am born silly, talk/write silly..I am silliness personified!

and Kumbakarna is my all time favorite character…i know what story i am telling my little one next 🙂

actually he is a good guy, although he was brother of Ravanan. he did not get much length in the screenplay; but then I always have a liking for the side actors. I am sure little one is going to like Kumbhakarna stories. have fun

Glad to see you back and posting 🙂

Look forward to catching up!

How are things?

Hi JS, your comment went into spam and did not see it until now. Been good..and you? hopefully I will post more often.

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