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Crying Rivers…for Lady gaga( what?)

Posted on: June 8, 2010

Few weeks back, on a Wednesday evening family was watching American Idol. Lady gaga is performing ‘Alejandro’.

 Lady gaga is not my kind of performer/artist. I am nervous about her clothes (whatever little she wears to performances). AI is a family show, but she is gaga right?

 Anyways, started off ok, she is playing piano, wearing some kind of transparent black robe/veil partially covering even face. Singing continued, dance followed. At some point as part of the act a male dancer took away her robe/veil. A loud cry burst in the room, from my daughter. “why did he take away her pretty dress? Where is it now? Why he took it away”. We all tried all sorts of justifications and explanations and reasoning. Nothing worked. She continued crying..went to bed crying and sobbing that night..cried again next day asking the same thing.

 All that crying for lady gaga’s veil!!

Even funnier Lady gaga is playing in my car, I mean in my car, these days. I cut a music CD for kids which has this song and they both sing part of the chorus.

 If interested, you can catch the act here at point 2.38


1 Response to "Crying Rivers…for Lady gaga( what?)"

Aww…! the innocence.

I had not heard about Lady GaGa at all until Tuls’ skating show. One high schooler performed as Lady GaGA. The kids found shaking of her hips extremely funny and kept imitating her shake when they referenced her. Had me crack up.

some of her moves are funny.
I am also not upto date on music scene. I knew gaga but like I said her costumes for performances/ even otherwise are outrageous. so I should have made it clear in the post. her songs are ok, singing is ok dancing is ok, but not the performances/costumes. in toronto last she has sold out shows had her wearing almost nothing and fire (pyrotechnics)coming out of her boobs

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