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One to one

Posted on: June 8, 2010


Son: Mama I love you very very much

Mama: thanks monu. How much monu?

Son: I love you so much that when you die I will feel so sad that I will cry.

Mama: Oh monu thank you, mama always loves you too, so much.


 Son and I have these out of the blue talks when I am driving just him to a class/ birthday party.


2 Responses to "One to one"

oh monu – you are adorable! only children can be so beautifully truthful and outright…

indeed they are

Sweet indeed.

Tuls and I have these morbid conversations too. He used to talk about it matter-of-fact but now keeps saying that I don’t want you to die because you the most beautiful mommy ever… the smooth talker that he is.

that is very sweet Tuls. Your mommy is really beautiful inside and outside

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