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Happy Anniversary! God bless your family!

Posted on: June 10, 2010

Dear UL and Manu. This is for you, hope you like it. have a wonderful day!

For you Laksh and K. have a great day!

God bless


5 Responses to "Happy Anniversary! God bless your family!"

Dear Girl, thank you. Thanks for this, thanks for the wonderful gifts you packed with care, thanks for everything…I wonder what good karma I did to deserve a friend like you…thanks much ..

UL and Manu

Your good karma was that you made me your friend. It is a blessing to have you as a friend. Glad you had a wonderful day

Lovely… just sent a note to the two of them. Such a lovely coincidence, right? Loved Sundari kannal… you do possess a knack to pick songs that fit the person, I should add. Wonder, what it would be for Suman, Anamika and me… Hmm…

sundari is still playing my head.. There are very few actors I am fan off.shobhana is one among them..Kajol, madhuri.
so first you think I have a knack for picking fit song. then you are not sure and do not have enough data to draw conclusion and ask me for more:) do you really want to your song now or wait till august.let me know.

Lovely gesture from you Mia and a lovely comment from UL.

Akay’s comment got me thinking – what song would I choose for A and I? I think I have almost figured it out.

Did you/do you watch Tamizh movies? how do you pick these songs? Time has flown, hasn’t it? just feels like yesterday that I saw your song dedication for UL and Laksh last year.

Thanks. will you share what you picked for you and A please? I have few songs for you, this is one of them not tamil but hindi. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aAqr8RQuQXs&feature=PlayList&p=61B1E869CA3FB8AF&playnext_from=PL&playnext=1&index=15. Let me know please what do you think?

I used to watch in engg college days.Karthik took many of our nights way..haha. it i not difficult to follow tamil movie if you know malayalam(may not get all jokes). I have fallen out of malyalam movies and tamil. now mainly watches hindi with occasional english. As for the songs, Ilayaraja, ARR, SPB, Chitra- they all make it so memorable.
indeed time has flown!

Shy, THANK you soooo much. I love this song but never thought of K and I hearing this song before! Sorry I could not stop by here before. WordPress seemed to be down yesternight. Have a lovely weekend lovely lady. :).

Laksh, glad you liked it. hope you had a wonderful day.This one must have been special with kids around.
yeah, i was trying comment on your post and WP was down.
ha “lovely lady”..you meant me?.thank you..I will take it. (me and lovely fell apart:(

Ha ha ha… will wait till August 🙂

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