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Al G(B)ore

Posted on: June 14, 2010

Al and Tipper Gore just got separated as you know. I am not reporting the old news.

But the news title of this story in ‘Toronto star’ had me crack up- ‘Al Gore -even his divorce is so boring’. No affairs, no other woman/ man, no money issues. They just plain grew apart..so boring!

Indeed boring.


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smile back

what ever happened to my comment on this one? 🙂 spam folder?

smiley was in spam. was there anything else?.
so was JS’s comments. I got it back here

I find it funny and sad!
Suman,don’t feel sad for everything. May be they did not feel sad.

No no no… I didn’t feel sad for them. For all we might know, they are happier than ever before. I said sad because of the compulsive need of the media to make a storyline out of everything.

but then it is the price of being a celebrity.media makes them good, makes them bad, makes them grow, pulls them down. you interned in a media house for sometime right, you know better. TRP/ circulation ..print or visual media

And among 100 media out there, one has to have a striking headline to cover the same news, yet get noticed. in this case I agree with them. ‘just grew apart is so boring:)). Actually I find anything about Al Gore boring anyways.

hey, no one makes storyline about us ? they have no idea what they are missing eh! 🙂

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