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Wannabe..and a bet of 8gms gold

Posted on: June 14, 2010

 Suman’s post triggered this post. UL wanted to be this.

Growing up in a village, if you are a bright student you will have to be Engineer/Doctor. Then comes less profiled professions teacher, advocate etc. Villagers have not much exposure to outside world except through local newspapers. We did not have TV until Asiad.

Anyways, mom said I will become a doctor. Chechy (older sis) said no, an Engineer. They bet on 8gms gold. I was not sure what I wanted to be (everybody’s school essay on ambition was about becoming teacher!). For Pre-Degree I took math-major, chemistry and physics (not knowing I could do Biology major, physics, chem. And math additional so one could appear for both Engg and medical entrance exams).

 I never became a doctor. Chechy got 8gms of gold, mommy is secretly hoping that I will add Dr. before my name sometime in my life by doing a Ph.D. mommy wants her 8gms gold back!


5 Responses to "Wannabe..and a bet of 8gms gold"

🙂 – i wonder what you wanted to be…in your heart…the question still remains opens…i have an idea, but not telling 🙂 – maybe i will steal the 8gms from mommy and chechy 🙂

please , what is your idea?. let me see how close that is. please please.
we can make up 8gms .
I am not telling my heart’s desire until you tell me your idea…haha

With the price of gold where it is today, 8 gms seems like a lot of money; how about, I play a monkey (http://sam1311415101.blogspot.com/2007/12/monkeys-justice-for-two-cats.html) I get 4 gms, no matter who wins, errr!, for being supportive 😉

aha! who moved my gold?..no touching that , not 4gms not 8gms.
nice story of the monkey. smart

I think I know what you wanted to be too..! But will divulge only if you offer me 8gms of gold like you did to UL 🙂

It was funny that your sis and mom bet on your career aspirations.

Oh man, I am not that rich. but for your divulgence I will work hard and give you 8gms. No please come on, tell me.

I think bet was on the heat of the moment. But they stick to it. it became a joke among mommy and her girls.

A politician – right? I recall that from one of our emails. Now c’mon give me my 8gms of gold.

don’t you think 8gms look good on me too:)
still waiting to hear UL’s guess. Then I am going to reveal, what I want to be..now

I meant a political leader..

Had I stayed in Kerala, per my dad’s wishes, I would have been in active leadership role politically. I was (is)politically inclined enough, dad was active in politics and I was in leadership roles all throuout my school college days. however, I did not think it as a profession. it would have been like, I will have a career and somepoint turn into a full time political leader. high possibility. alas! good for kerala people, I did not stay in kerala no plans to settle back.

good try and great memory suman

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