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Finally I found you

Posted on: June 17, 2010

I knew I will find you someday again, at the same breath doubted I never will.  Our paths crossed at least few times after we first met but how come I did not recognize you even when I was so looking for you.

 I have clear memories of the day we first met. I was stressed out, felt defeated, subdued but dressed up on heels. My work bag weighing down my shoulders, had even more weight on my spirit, but hopeful. I was tired, kept a warm smile because it was a defining moment of my settling down process in my new home country.

 I hanged out around you for an hour or so. Of course you had no clue. Many come by your way and I was just another one.

 There was no drama for you that day. With silent thoughts but very important thoughts I made a connection with you, without you knowing.

 Years passed, I got settled in, moved in closer to you.

 I was looking for you, you were always there but I failed to recognize you…until this Tuesday


4 Responses to "Finally I found you"

Congratulations- wonderful wonderful news. Defining moments such as these are turning points in life, wish you both the very best, now that you have found one another 🙂 love, UL

*puzzled tube light look on my face* and what a witty comment from UL.

update will follow..can’t keep you tube lighted for long. Lol’d at UL’s.

i think i already know what your update is…i think it is what you have been looking for awhile and finally found – wonder if you even introduced us in passing when we visited you the other day… 🙂

Waiting to hear what it was….
Just Someone,

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