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Open Invitation- for ‘Rasam for our souls’

Posted on: June 17, 2010

 This invite is to you, you and you…and of course to you in that white kurti.

 Few of us were toying an idea at suman’s blog post 9 years ago  about making a collection of Indian economic immigrant experiences. Please read the full discussion in the comments for that post.

 Suman, Laksh, UL, madrasi_in_mo  and a-kay seem to be excited about it. And most of you are good writers. Why not capture our experiences of settling down- some sweet, some sour, katta and meetta, some brilliant and some stupid and some emotional outcry…

 And what great combination!. Why shouldn’t it be called ‘ Rasam’. Simple yet complex, comforting, healing, hot, over all leaves an impression. Moreover many of us are vegetarians. So any objection to ‘Rasam’? ( not chicken soup)  speak up now or hold your peace for ever.

 Between us we cover Boston to Bay area and some in between and some north.

  So invitation is to anyone who wants to contribute to Rasam. You get to join the fun of combined Rasam making as well enjoy it  many times. We may or may not make it into a published book. We may or may not get added to Oprah’s book club (warning again- no jumping on the couch please), we may or may not make millions (1$~ 44Rs..hahaha). However the experience will be interesting, I think.

 The PR machinery need to work full force. I suggest all of you to make a post on your blogs extending invitations. Once we have some more interested parties, we will work out the details.

 Are you game?

 Garama garam Rasam..going for 1..going for 2….


13 Responses to "Open Invitation- for ‘Rasam for our souls’"

going for three!! OH YEAH! I shall be the black peppercorns in the Rasam 🙂 I am game as always…Let’s do it… – will start with my ingredient at my space…:)

…and I also have to add, I love this name “Rasam for the soul” perfect for this group we are looking at here…

…and oh – I promise this is the last, my post is up regarding this…let’s get it rolling people. I am impatient to have a taste of this blend.

a slow cooked rasam tastes even better. Yes, we don’t want to keep it cooking for ever where it looses its consistency. glad you liked the name.

already saw your post. thanks

and as you know this space is for us to pour out as much and as many times as we want. so keep it coming.

hey can I get one more comment from you on this post please, pretty please

Idea sounds great.I will write about my experience and send by email.


Thanks Anila. My inbox is all cleared up to receive your potions!! keep it coming. we can never get tired of Rasam, can we?

Yay! exciting indeed. Glad you made an announcement, was going to write to you about it. I can create a gmail account exclusively for this purpose. That way we can centralize all communication related to this project and leverage google docs of the account, should we need a shared space. I will post mine soon.

before your ‘warning to Mia’ ( you got it right? – you and warning)post comes, I hurried up with the announcement. thanks for creating the mail. blog is at works by mia. Will post the deatils soon for everybody..waiting to see more interests.

would you do a follow up publicity post on your blog post, when you have ?( or before i threaten you:) )

ah you know – you are the balm i need to calm down, slow cooked and nicely done would taste better… i just need to curb my impatience…there, now you have another comment – how could i not leave one more when you ask so nicely… 🙂

yeah, cool tricks from my sleeves, sometimes nice, sometimes threatening..you have been victim of both.you know what I mean. thanks for ‘the’ comment.

btw, i am waiting to see youdivulging your idea on my ‘Wannabe post”..

Sorry to join the party a little late – I didn’t follow the comments section in Suman’s. “Rasam” is the perfect soul / comfort food – can’t get a better name than that.

I might not be able to post for the next month or so (server down, yada, yada, yada) – I will try to write up and send it to you or one of the gals through email and you can publish it for now. I like Suman’s idea of a common email id (or may be even a equivalent of yahoo groups) and the other thing I was thinking about was creating a separate blog space, where all of us can post – so there will be centralized location for all the posts; ease of use for the reader, that he/she needn’t hop over to 10 different blog spaces – think about it.

Party is no party without you. glad you like rasam. let’s make some, enjoy lot.

yes a commom email (suman did it already) and blog space at works by Mia. deatils to follow. mean while, stop the excuses and get cooking..you can post to the common email and one of us will publish, we will not let you down

Mia, I have publicized from my side. I agree, let’s take it slow and steady. One baby step at a time. Let’s figure out the interest, sort out the details, come up with some best practices.

read your post. thanks. I love the ingradient part suggested by UL and how you are picking the one most resemble in flavor and attribute. you know what I will be?
have a good weekend.
btw, you caught up on that MEAN deal I made?

Sorry am late. (Huffing and puffing) 🙂

Will have my post publicizing Rasam tomorrow. 🙂 I’d be perunkayam (Hing/Asafoetida). I love the unique flavor it imparts to the rasam.

hello perunkayam…aptly so. take your time Laksh, no rush. see I am YET to book my appointment with the stylist for oprah appearance(reverse engineering…haha). Thanks much. This is going to be fun.good weekend Laksh

Yes mam – will start cooking and send it over to the common mail address; and all you girls can start publishing it. Talking about cooking, I would love to be the tangy factor of the rasam – be it Tomato or Lemon or good ol’ Tamarind – can’t miss it but comes in different flavors 🙂

you are soooo sour!! what is life without savory!!
good weekend girl

Done ma’am! Check out my space.

I did . thanks Laksh.

wow…. that’s a lot of progress:) the wheels are already in motion!!! marching ahead, huh?:)

hadnt seen these threads:)

I would love to be a part of this wonderful endeavor… dont know if I’d be any good – with all you great writers and wonderful participants;)

join the fun JS, will you please. make poems, as you always do, on those experiences. You know if there is one person among the regulars who does not qualify to ‘produce good written material of substance’, it has to be me. I don’t write well and when I write it is silly and I make lots of typos. I read most of your poems, but don’t know to comments and silently leave.

I would like you to be part of this. I am sure other regulars will agree with me.

This is really great and inspiring and amazing venture! and what a wonderful name you have come up with; just perfect! it feels just so right!

great work and good luck to all:)

Great idea! Count me in…. 🙂

Thanks for joining Anu.

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