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Rasam in the making

Posted on: June 21, 2010

Our WP blogsite is  Rasam for the Soul . I have not made it private yet, as we are gathering interest. Once we start posting, I hope it is soon, it will go private with rasamlovers are users.

 Our email is rasamforthesoul@gmail.com .

 Many ingredients are ready. Rasam can take many more. Keep it coming.

 As for me Mia, be the wooden spoon. I don’t add any flavour (due to my poor writing skills) but stir hard at times to prevent the ingredients from burning out and mostly gentle not to break them.

 Rasam Vazhthungal! (I meant to say Here to Rasam!- give me a better one girls!)

 Note : Just someone commented that she wants to join but “don’t know if I’d be any good”. Anyone agree? I totally disagreed. If you are with me, let me hear for JS everyone!


2 Responses to "Rasam in the making"

Perfect roles , perfect perfect. Thanks Mia. And you have excellent skills to tell a tale my dear, what would a rasam without the gentle stir, where would we be without you? As for JS – come on JS – stop saying silly things – of course you are good…you will do perfectly to add more zing to this recipe…i already think of you as the aroma that could tease the senses and makes the rasam so irresistable…if i could make you a part of this rasam recipe, i would make you the aroma 🙂

‘Best cheer leader’ awarded to you UL. see where JS has gone from here to that sweet/soury / rasamy poem on ingredients, all in a day’s work!!.thanks UL
Btw, Anamika was looking for what ingredient she can be. if you have any suggestion would you please mail just her please.

Thank UL and Mia! Thanks for the lovely words… 🙂 I am humbled

Fortunate to have such great friends…

While you feel humbled, we are thrilled to have you at Rasam. I still can’t get over ….I am falling love head over heels..with that poem:).

Thanks for the friendship, it’s been great. Feel blessed to be in the company such talented people, writers most all such wonderful humanbeings.

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