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So soon..?

Posted on: June 30, 2010

The school is over…just like that the year is done.  Today is the last day of school.

 My son did very well in Senior Kindergarten, states his report card. Teacher is very pleased with his work, activities and skills. Talking of his teacher, amazing is not the right word. We had her for 2 years in a row- JK and SK. She connects with each student uniquely. God bless her. To me, teachers- especially elementary school teachers – play crucial role in shaping up one’s personality. People have only good things to talk about her. We feel so blessed.

 New School year starts on Sept 7. He continues in the same school for grade 1.  But Grade 1 is full day 8.30 to 3pm, friends will be split between classes, have to eat lunch from lunch box all by urself. And with this teacher as the benchmark, expectation from teachers is high. I am sure it will be fun.

I get very emotional with school closing. May be the report card, may be the ‘thank you notes’..don’t know. May be all other classes also get over around the same time- soccer, swimming, piano

 Same time, looking forward to summer fun!


3 Responses to "So soon..?"

So soon? I cant believe how fast they grow…before you know he will be writing SAT’s…there are times when I just wanna hang onto moments…just embrace it and never let go…good luck to your young man, may he continue to shine like the star he is today…for eons and eons…love lots to him, UL

Indeed so fast eh! Thanks UL for your wishes.
With kids, I am good with let go. When I think of mommy, I want to hold on to every moment I have/had with her…till it lasts.
Thanks much UL for your support and lot of information you pass on to me. For e.g. I am forever thankful to you for making library visits so part of our life. kids love it, they read, I read. it’s been great.

That is good to hear; best wishes to your son and hope he continues to do well going forward.
Thank you akay for the wishes

Can relate to it being an emotional day. Here’s wishing little C more fun packed time going forward!

Thanks suman. I hope so too.

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