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Latika, of Slumdog Millionaire, is back as Miral in the author backed role in Julian Schnabel’s movie Miral. Miral tells the story of Hind Husseini’s (Hiam Abbass) effort to establish an orphanage in Jerusalem after the 1948 partition of Palestine and the creation of the state of Israel. Miral is the orphan, played by Freida

 International trailer is out last week and reviews have been great so far- even to ‘potential Oscar winning movie’. It is set for release in September 2010.

 I wish her success galore..

 For the curious mind here is the trailer


[from yesterday evening]

 D: mama, you have a white hair (pointing to my head). Why you have white hair?

M: Because mama is getting old.

D: So you are going to die?

M: not so soon mole. Mama will be old old and you will be big like mama then.

D: Oh, who is going to make you die?

M: I will die by myself

D: where will you die?

M: May be in a hospital.

D: Mama, can you die at home please?.

M: ok, we will see. But it is not any soon mole.

D: But when you die, who will be mama?

M: Well, you will be big by then and you can be the mama

D: Oh no, I don’t want to be mama.

M: why mole?

D: I don’t like to cook

M: That is ok. You and your kids, all can cook together.

D: But who will be my kids?

M: I don’t know. You can have your own kids.

D: where do I get them? Do I buy them?

M: From your tummy.

D: [humming..] my tummy has babies…my tummy has babies

D: what are their names?

M: You can give them any names you like.

D: hmmmmm…Jordon?

M: okay. I like the name Jordon

D: Should she have a brother too?

M: sure.

D: Rafiel?

M: That’s is a nice name.

D: But mama, I don’t want them. Can you be my kid? When I drive the car, I will let you sit in the front seat when you are 12 yrs old…

M: okay. That’s nice.

D: mama, poo done..can you please wash up my bumpy?…


..asked 5 yr old son.

we were talking about body parts ,and what each does – including boobies. Explained to both the kids that, babies get  milk from mother’s boobies.

so why then boys have boobies?..

I had no answers. He will ask me again some day…need some help please..anyone?

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