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why boys have boobies then?

Posted on: July 6, 2010

..asked 5 yr old son.

we were talking about body parts ,and what each does – including boobies. Explained to both the kids that, babies get  milk from mother’s boobies.

so why then boys have boobies?..

I had no answers. He will ask me again some day…need some help please..anyone?


3 Responses to "why boys have boobies then?"

beats me 🙂

come on UL, you can do better than that. I am counting on you guys.

have to look up on the internet!

ofcurse I googled. it has some scientific explanation how on week 6th of fetus developement..etc etc. so it answers ‘how’ not ‘why’.
but sure if you find something then make it explainable to 5 yr old please, for me.thanks suman

I could be wrong but I think it is because of the presence of mammary glands – this is what distinguishes mammals from other animals – and produce milk to sustain the little ones. I think this is present in both sexes in some basic form (formed in the embryo / foetus) and develops based on other hormonal factors into full-fledged ones in the case of females and not so much, in the case of males. This is what I think, of course, please do more googling and research and let us know 🙂

thanks akay for the proper reasoning. he did not ask me yet, but I can work with this for an answer.

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