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Conversation- Daughter and mama

Posted on: July 21, 2010

[from yesterday evening]

 D: mama, you have a white hair (pointing to my head). Why you have white hair?

M: Because mama is getting old.

D: So you are going to die?

M: not so soon mole. Mama will be old old and you will be big like mama then.

D: Oh, who is going to make you die?

M: I will die by myself

D: where will you die?

M: May be in a hospital.

D: Mama, can you die at home please?.

M: ok, we will see. But it is not any soon mole.

D: But when you die, who will be mama?

M: Well, you will be big by then and you can be the mama

D: Oh no, I don’t want to be mama.

M: why mole?

D: I don’t like to cook

M: That is ok. You and your kids, all can cook together.

D: But who will be my kids?

M: I don’t know. You can have your own kids.

D: where do I get them? Do I buy them?

M: From your tummy.

D: [humming..] my tummy has babies…my tummy has babies

D: what are their names?

M: You can give them any names you like.

D: hmmmmm…Jordon?

M: okay. I like the name Jordon

D: Should she have a brother too?

M: sure.

D: Rafiel?

M: That’s is a nice name.

D: But mama, I don’t want them. Can you be my kid? When I drive the car, I will let you sit in the front seat when you are 12 yrs old…

M: okay. That’s nice.

D: mama, poo done..can you please wash up my bumpy?…



4 Responses to "Conversation- Daughter and mama"

Very sweet..!


oh yes…oh yes ….mine sings a lot during a bowel movement….the songs she sings…well that’s another tale 🙂 – loved this one…UL

may be all famous songs started in humble bathrooms..who knows eh!

…and such interesting questions too from the little one…dying is a question that goes round i suppose.. .my little one had many…not so much lately…

it seems like fascination for dying!!. oh she picked it again just 2 days back. insisting that I take off all the white hair from my head. I figured out that she is not botheed about missing me or anything, she just does not want to cook in my absence. Wow, what a logic!!

So Cute.S and i had a similar conversation about driving.She asked me when will she be able to drive.I said when she becomes big like me.Then she told me that when she drives i have to sit in her car seat.


they think when they become big, we get smaller. though we wish to be back to be a child, not in that car seat please..spare us please children!

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