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Happy Anniversary friend!

Posted on: August 25, 2010

I had no intention of doing a post  🙂 haha. But she was like ‘please post a song for me on my anniversary, please please. I gave in. After all she is collecting data on my skills:)

 I think I know her a bit, not met yet. She has a subtle sense of humor, crack jokes with poker face; she wore a fabulous gown for this year’s academy awards. She is quirky, naughty, great company for sight seeing:):):). Churns out delicacies on whim but does not like everyday cooking.

 Happy Anniversary! God bless your family.

 And hey you know who you are!

  guess anyone?

And this is for you girl. I think we need Shobhana to match your wits. now tell me my score for aptness of the song:)

Enjoy your day! God bless


2 Responses to "Happy Anniversary friend!"

What fun! Lovely pic Shy. Hope our friend likes it too. 🙂

I hope so too Laksh. thanks:)

Laksh, you didn’t say anything about the aptness? What do you think about it wrt “our friend”?
since Laksh, did not rate it..what scoe you give me on a scale of 5 ( 5 being top)..haha

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