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Thank you for reassuring our faith. Have a wonderful day. God bless you always, abundantly!.

This for you. Hope you like it.


One pair of rubber chappals, that is all I owned then. Wore it to school (specific footwear was not part of village school uniform-in fact many came barefoot), church, kalyanams, other special occasions. We would scrub it really really hard with soap and coconut fiber and make it clean for special occasions/first day of school etc. but the same pair everywhere, until the sole part worn out and made holes (if straps were broken, we could just buy the straps)

 Just at work, I now keep 2 pairs of black heels dress shoes, 1 brown and occasional navy blue. Running shoes-indoor and outdoor, sandals-browns, blacks, blings and few more colors, beach wear/pool wear, dressy wear. I must say, I am one of the conservative ones when it comes to shoes. May be I am the only one without a fashionable boots in the closet (I have no boots except winter boots). I have no craze for shoes like for watches.

Still I have a lot. Hardly any of them wear out due to minimal use/pair( per season).

 I still have only 1 pair of feet, the same pair (bit worn out though)

Sigh! Too many choices in life.


Posted on: September 16, 2010

“hey parukutty,  your hair is really nice and bouncy”. Parukutty, mama loves you to the last number!”

 “mamma why you call me parukutty, mole and all?”

 “that is because mamma loves you a lot and these are special names”

 The conversation continued when daughter and I set out for a walk on Sunday afternoon  while son and his friend AD were playing Tennis on WII ( dad was home too).


“what parukutty”

“ don’t call me that name when we reach home. AD will find it weird. So let it be our special secret name. you call me parukutty only when just two of us are together. Even dada does not need to know. Deal mama?”

 Deal was sealed…

as a kumon student’s parent?

good? bad? does not do any good? mug up? brain challenges/ stimulation??

appreciate your time responding.

is it the ‘end’ that register? talking of blog comments that is. Noticed that when responding a readers comment, we tend to respond to the very last line of the comment first. is that true?

In general, when writing an essay/ doing  presentation is that why we are taught to summarise?

another thing I noticed ( may be it is just me), when coming to watching movies, short term I remember how the movie ended. Few months later I don’t always recall the end, I only remember certain scenes and what is the movie about in general.

what say?

Just not any..

I was covering for my boss last 2 weeks while she was on vacation, handling all her projects. I had an heard about this particular product and the team members names in passing until today. From the name I could tell the project lead is from my state in India. ( well in India we figure the state the person comes from the one’s name- nobody in the western world can digest that fact, anyways)

They are approaching feature complete but have not done a design review with all stakeholders. I offered to orient them with the review process. Mind you, this piece of the organization, located in windy city Chicago,  was a different company and early this year we bought them( Well, we have been merging and acquiring and still acquiring. I haven’t met  good 2/3 of the employees spread all over the place).

So at the end call, I asked him Aren’t you fro India?
. “ofcourse, I am from Cochin”. ‘Cool, a malayalee.Me too from cochin” ………”I studied in so and so Engineering college” . “no way..I am from there too”
Story short. He studied in the same college as, mine few years junior.

It felt funny happy weird.  For me, first time- a colleague from the same college


Posted on: September 3, 2010

 “ warm toast topped with bit of butter and honey ..yummm” said Colleen , morning radio show host about breakfast. I woke up hearing this and visualized and I had to have that for breakfast immediately. Yummy it was ..more than yummy.

That was 3 or so years back, but continues to be  my weekend breakfast at home- I replace butter with margarine.

Normally where the visuals involved  like watch cooking show or reading cooking magazines/recipes, one feels the urge to eat that, but never got hooked. This was my first; no other senses only hearing was involved, still got hooked.

 Have you ever got hooked to something ? (through the ears?

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