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Colleague..not just any one

Posted on: September 3, 2010

Just not any..

I was covering for my boss last 2 weeks while she was on vacation, handling all her projects. I had an heard about this particular product and the team members names in passing until today. From the name I could tell the project lead is from my state in India. ( well in India we figure the state the person comes from the one’s name- nobody in the western world can digest that fact, anyways)

They are approaching feature complete but have not done a design review with all stakeholders. I offered to orient them with the review process. Mind you, this piece of the organization, located in windy city Chicago,  was a different company and early this year we bought them( Well, we have been merging and acquiring and still acquiring. I haven’t met  good 2/3 of the employees spread all over the place).

So at the end call, I asked him Aren’t you fro India?
. “ofcourse, I am from Cochin”. ‘Cool, a malayalee.Me too from cochin” ………”I studied in so and so Engineering college” . “no way..I am from there too”
Story short. He studied in the same college as, mine few years junior.

It felt funny happy weird.  For me, first time- a colleague from the same college


3 Responses to "Colleague..not just any one"

evide poyalum oru malayali kaanathe irikillallo 🙂 – that’s cool – just reminded me of how i saw your name and wondered if you were a malayali, and then one of our collegagues confirmed and how you walked up to me and said hello – rest is history alle – was that 11 years ago?

yes yes, when I (yes I) went to moon a mallu was selling puttu and kadala curry there..you know that story right:). a collegues from same college is first for me

yup, 10yrs ago

Just wanted to holler about a coincidence – I was covering for my boss the last 2 weeks too, weird, isn’t it? 😉

what? get out here:)

i have heard the chaya kada version 🙂
kelkathirikkumo..pandu mammal orumichalle chaaya kada nadathiyathu. athu maranno?

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