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Posted on: September 3, 2010

 “ warm toast topped with bit of butter and honey ..yummm” said Colleen , morning radio show host about breakfast. I woke up hearing this and visualized and I had to have that for breakfast immediately. Yummy it was ..more than yummy.

That was 3 or so years back, but continues to be  my weekend breakfast at home- I replace butter with margarine.

Normally where the visuals involved  like watch cooking show or reading cooking magazines/recipes, one feels the urge to eat that, but never got hooked. This was my first; no other senses only hearing was involved, still got hooked.

 Have you ever got hooked to something ? (through the ears?


2 Responses to "Hooked"

as a kid my dad used to read a lot of stories to me, and the scenes built in my imagination and it took me places and introduced me to people…even today i love to LISTEN to a narration…i have been hooked to that since childhood…reading i love, listening even more…. 🙂

“listening even more”..wow. Meera is reading for you a lot?

curious, any food you got hooked to?

many many foods -nothing after a listerning session like you though, nothin i can recollect anyway,,,,

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