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Kumon- any first hand experience..

Posted on: September 7, 2010

as a kumon student’s parent?

good? bad? does not do any good? mug up? brain challenges/ stimulation??

appreciate your time responding.


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In summary it is our indian equivalent of tution and homework…i am still half minded about it…

My little girl started “reading” with them over the summer break – we put her on because she showed a lot of interest in reading and also because she wont be going to Kindergarten this year… it is good, it teaches through repetition…-…helps for disciplining kids to have a routine and that’s our aim- at some point we want to consider math with them…not sure when though. i am not going to call it the best, if we can do the same at home and teach kids in a disciplined manner, then that would be better.

Even with this, it is their material that is of essence…they give out handouts and children need to finish them at home and take it back…so that’s where the routine comes into play, children learn that they need to sit down and finish their work before they can run out and play…and parents tend ot find time to get them to do this because we pay for it. You know what i mean?

thanks much for sharing your experience and opinion. Glad Meera benefitted. but she is such a reader anyways, to begin with right?
Some how, I am never for tutoring like in india, never went for tutions too. That does not mean these centres are not useful.
I was looking for math programs. didn’t like Kumon’s worksheets after worksheets strategy, atleast from what I read. I am seriously considering UCMAS- mental math for son.
Thanks again UL

You are right, mine is ok with reading – but she is not big on writing, that’s where it has helped for her . I am not a tutions person either,,, but to me all these extra studies equal tution…different names, same concept.. wrt Math, I have heard of Abacus and they say it is better than Kumon’s – since mine hasnt done any math, i havent looked into it…

correct me if I am wrong. back home tution teachers taught you the same syllabus that was taught in school to help you get higher marks in school, period. I would not send kids for the same. I can if needed, but really they should learn in school when the teacher teach. some of the programs here are not the same IMHO from what I know

Know of a friends’ two sons in this; they just love it; among other things that they do…

it is a lot of repetition work; and depending on the kids’ personalities it could really help, I suppose:)

Know of atleast three families here, whose kids go to Kumon!

so, Kumon must be doing something right:):), alle?

not sure JS, enikku sure alla:(. still trying to figure out

sorry; I know you said first hand:)

but thght will share …

no, I did not say it. I don’t know much and that is why asking. From what I heard and read, it is not my kind. so not sure ‘what something good is it doing’?

Hey, Mia – yes my son1 is doing it for probably 4 years now and I just started the son2 last week. It is all about practice. No mug up. It is about repetition of work – so could get boring.

thanks anamika. how does repetition helps in math? really appreciate you taking time to give your feedback,anamika.

whether you stick the same sylabus or not, tution entails more practise, does it not? if it were math, problem solving doubles from what is taught in class, meaning a student gets to attempt two or three more similar type of problems than what he does at school, there comes repetion – repetition sure helps with better understanding a concept…i am not saying you repeat the same problem two or three times like an imposition -but dont they say pracsitce makes perfect? – having the same type of problem with different vairiables sure gets the brain cells moving, that’s my thinking…and all these different methods adopted are just to get those brain cells working, that’s why i said, different names, methodologies to achieve the same result…

having said that, i am not at all for some of the tution techniques adopted in india and not all tution places are the same…everything depends on the teacher…

that make some sense then UL. I recently talked to someone who was running a Kumon centre and sold it to someone. I was not impressed with what I heard from her. learning math by repetition like imposition..she was mentioning it in that lines 3×2=6 the image gets registered in the brain because of imposition. so every time you see 3×2, brain knows that =6.
I appreciate you taking time for giving me feedback UL. I have learnt..

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