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starting with the end..

Posted on: September 7, 2010

is it the ‘end’ that register? talking of blog comments that is. Noticed that when responding a readers comment, we tend to respond to the very last line of the comment first. is that true?

In general, when writing an essay/ doing  presentation is that why we are taught to summarise?

another thing I noticed ( may be it is just me), when coming to watching movies, short term I remember how the movie ended. Few months later I don’t always recall the end, I only remember certain scenes and what is the movie about in general.

what say?


3 Responses to "starting with the end.."

I think I am big on start and end….more so on the start than the end…i dont know. 🙂

“I don’t know”..see I started where you stopped:)

I agree with you on the movies, I feel the exact same way. When it comes to movies that have an impact on me, I remember the strong / impact-filled sequences better than the end…

aha! as if it surprised me:)

why do not remember the end of the movies? any idea

My theory is that if I liked the movie, it is either for some poignant or defining moments in the story or due to some great movie-making skill – basically either for the power of the story or the brilliance of the art – not because how the movie ends. So, the end is not important but just a point where the loose ends are tied, so it is just incidental. On the contrary, movies where the loose ends are not tied, the end haunts me for a long time, till I manage to forget the movie and its ending 🙂

you have a point.cinematography too has greta impact.
I am always fascinated with side actors, extra and all too:) weird us!

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