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Posted on: September 16, 2010

“hey parukutty,  your hair is really nice and bouncy”. Parukutty, mama loves you to the last number!”

 “mamma why you call me parukutty, mole and all?”

 “that is because mamma loves you a lot and these are special names”

 The conversation continued when daughter and I set out for a walk on Sunday afternoon  while son and his friend AD were playing Tennis on WII ( dad was home too).


“what parukutty”

“ don’t call me that name when we reach home. AD will find it weird. So let it be our special secret name. you call me parukutty only when just two of us are together. Even dada does not need to know. Deal mama?”

 Deal was sealed…


1 Response to "deal"

same pinch, i call mine kutti paru and molutti and kanna …and hubby calls her a bunch of other names – sometimes it is surprising the kid knows her real name – but like you it is always when it is just the three of us , not usually in public 🙂

what surprised me was when she said “AD will think it is weird name” instead of ‘I don’t want you to call me that when others around’.. then she took to another notch”even dada does not need o know”. so it not just public, anyone other than me and her. self conscious? embarassing for her?..I wonder

In public, occasionally unknowingly I call them mone/mole, otherwise it is always by their names (sometimes short forms)

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