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My foot! ( and what it wears)

Posted on: September 17, 2010

One pair of rubber chappals, that is all I owned then. Wore it to school (specific footwear was not part of village school uniform-in fact many came barefoot), church, kalyanams, other special occasions. We would scrub it really really hard with soap and coconut fiber and make it clean for special occasions/first day of school etc. but the same pair everywhere, until the sole part worn out and made holes (if straps were broken, we could just buy the straps)

 Just at work, I now keep 2 pairs of black heels dress shoes, 1 brown and occasional navy blue. Running shoes-indoor and outdoor, sandals-browns, blacks, blings and few more colors, beach wear/pool wear, dressy wear. I must say, I am one of the conservative ones when it comes to shoes. May be I am the only one without a fashionable boots in the closet (I have no boots except winter boots). I have no craze for shoes like for watches.

Still I have a lot. Hardly any of them wear out due to minimal use/pair( per season).

 I still have only 1 pair of feet, the same pair (bit worn out though)

Sigh! Too many choices in life.


3 Responses to "My foot! ( and what it wears)"

I love this post, it is so capturing from start to finish, i loved the title as well…. 🙂 i love shoes, love them, a closet full of them is not enough for me…lately though the height of the heels have been decreasing…signs of aging, you think? BaaH!

aging who? :). I knew your love for heels but did not shoe craze..shoudl I get you a bata chappal on next india trip to add to your collection?:)

No surprises here, I don’t have a shoe craze either (love watches though, of course!). Still I feel like I have a lot and growing up I had just one (apart from the 2 shoes which were part of school uniform – one white canvas and one black buckle shoe). I don’t have boots either and have been contemplating for a while, if I should or not and have been unable to decide. Love your post but this is one of your best titles, I think 🙂

hurray to best title:) thanks
contemplating with you a-kay on boots. I love it on others, may be we should just buy it this winter ..what the heck anyways:)
you kidding, watches? Oh man!

Nice caption there 🙂
I remember those valli cherupps , and on rainy days, you had the lil brown spots all over your uniform skirt, thanks to the valli cherupps, the biggest challenge those days were how to minimise on those, alle 🙂

ayyyo..aa valli cheruppukale engane marakkum. cheruppukal cheytha sevakku, thozhuthu vandikkanam:)
oh those brown spots on neela pavada uniform..can’t belive, we survived all that.

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