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Make total sense (?)

Posted on: October 26, 2010

Last Sunday afternoon, we were stepping out to give masala dosas I made to next door neighbor prego lady. Weather is warm enough to feel warm and cold enough to feel cold. I asked my molu to put on her coat but I have no coat.

“mama, why you are not wearing coat mama. Because old ladies don’t get sick without coat  right mama?”


Rewind…3 days back on a cold windy evening I went to pick them from day care. I insisted that they put on coat and hat before we get outside and explained that I don’t want them to get sick. I was not wearing a hat. “mama, why then you are not wearing hat’. Took the escape route and said “ because mama is an old lady and it does not matter”. “why mama, old ladiesdon’t get sick by not wearing hat?”.

No answers…’ get into the car, will you? ‘


2 Responses to "Make total sense (?)"

Ha ha ha, they got you didn’t they?

big time..she always gets me

ouch, came back to bite you, didn’t it? oh yes, this is age of hardcore retorts 🙂

she bites, she barks:).. my wits are tossed many a times:)

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