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My father’s daughter

Posted on: October 26, 2010

I was aware of her existence, but always refused to accept it, I am in denial.

 Last evening, as I was catching up with our municipal election results on TV and web updates at the same time, my mind went on a rewind- when there was no TV but just a radio.

 Equipped with a notebook and a pen I sat glued to the radio, keeping note of every update who is leading, who is falling, by how much margin with each update. This happened for every assembly and parliament elections, late into nites to early mornings. And my father loved it. I was only one equally excited as him or even more. Well, he was very active in politics, run successful campaigns for panchayat and won many times. His interest is understood.

 As for me, I always denied that I have anything to do with his politics, often refused to be known as my father’s daughter- a known name locally. However, my father always thought I will carry his lineage, will run for offices, make a wonderful community leader. May be rightly so, because I was office bearer in school councils throughout my school years. In college and university I continued to win elections and held key positions in college unions. My parents still has the newspaper cutting of one of my election announcement from grade 12 when I was elected general secretary of a prestigious college union ( with a pic of me with messy hair  gleaming among friends and confetti).

 But to his disappointment I flew to north and then eloped from the country of my parents…his dreams shattered, even now.

 Coincidently, it was panchayat election back home yesterday. My father’s brother’s daughter, my first cousin is running and  a second cousin. My father is so excited for her, feels like he is living a dream that I shattered.

 After casting our vote when we came home yesterday, I told my kids that mama ran for election in college. My son’s eyes popped out, stopped what he was doing and said ‘ next time you do, I will sure vote for you mama. You make a good leader’ and gave me a tight hug.

 Gee..I did not tell him that as I cast my vote yesterday, I fancied seeing my name on the ballot..wouldn’t tell my father anyways..I pretend that I don’t know her-my father’s daughter.


5 Responses to "My father’s daughter"

Wow… in some ways we all will remain our father’s daughter right? There is still time, may be you will still fulfill your father’s dream 🙂

akay, I have disconnected from my father’s dream for good..of settling in kerala, of working for a public sector company etc. if it ever happens, let it be known, it will be to the whims of my fantasy.

Loved the way you ended it… in a way, you are still a leader – a role model to your kids. That’s what leaders should aspire, isn’t it? to become role models…!

You know when I was in school, I always wondered at friends who were interested in leadership positions – it was a lot of work and why are they going out of their way to take up these responsibilities.

you are being kind to me.
I am no leader suman..may be I was..now I am lost to inspire myself at times, leave alone be a role model.
I fondly remember those days as office bearer. i did all that hard work becuase I could and it benefited some one/a group/a community. I benefited as a person. But those wre those days..

you are a born leader, my dear – I know you will do it, get your name on that ballot, and you will get all my votes for sure…you go girl, will sure make your Dad proud….
haha friend, you too! save the ink in your pen for a good candidate.
was saying to akay that If it ever ahppens it is to the whims of my fantasy..dad could be proud of what I am now( if he wants to:) )

@ all: And I could not lead a Rasam project to completion, forget successful..what kind of a leader that makes me:). you all got it so wrong I but hey thanks for being nice to me girls!

awww come on, i am up for revival of rasam, so dont call it incomplete…you know holding a public office here in Canada I am sure could be very rewarding – to help others and have the willingness to do it is such a gift…and you have it. so use it, that’s what leaders do 🙂 And oh, it doesn’t have to be the politica arena…i think you would be a great artist too- and artists lead much better than politicians if you ask me 🙂
🙂 will see

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