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Over the counter

Posted on: October 29, 2010

Not medicine..conversation.

This happened during my last India trip. My little sister and I were at a pretty busy forex office. A bank style setting, there are few counters, 7-8 staff and 7-8 customers.

 My sis R works in tours industry and have many acquaintances in related businesses.

I am at the counter dealing with the teller when the manager sitting inside the office saw R and this followed over the counter from his office

‘hi R, how you have been? What news?’

‘nothing much . And you?’

‘heard you moved into new house. How is it? How much you guys paid?”

 The startled me looking at them alternatively, looking at the staff, looking at customers. Everybody is interested in the conversation

 ‘close to 50lakhs’ replied sister.

My jaws dropped and looked around..no other jaws were dropped.

‘on cash or bank loan?”, “how much loan’, ‘what interest rate these days’ ‘how many rooms’..rain of questions followed from the manager, other staff and even the customers.

 After talking to her once outside, I realized that I was only one who thought that was weird conversation over the counter.

 Mortgage, salaries, loans and money matters are talked/asked without hesitation and answered without hesitation there. If somebody is working, next question is how much is the salary.

 It is a different world here. These things are not asked/discussed between even closest friends; very confidential stuff.

 Some times during India trip I get asked this salary question from elders, with a preamb ‘just to get an idea. The neighbor’s son  who came from US for holidays last month, said he gets 7-8 lakhs a month. Can it be right?’ Gee..I don’t employ them nor have plans to disclose what I make.

 Any such interesting money conversation you came across?

 Note: makes a rasam post? (before that project dies the slow death). But I can’t remember whether I discussed salaries etc with friends /acquaintances


3 Responses to "Over the counter"

to be honest, i have no qualms about answering them in confidentiality, not over a counter top though with the world listenning in, that happens only in india…i dont ask anyone just to give people their space and honestly i dont need to know what another person makes to befriend him…in india people have a habit of sticking theri nose into anything and everything, sometimes it is good, sometimes bad 🙂 – good rasam post albeit situation occurs in homeland 🙂

seriously, you have no qualms?..I never talked money matters with anyone( except hubby) not even with parents or siblings. you are right, one does not need to know their salary to befriend them.
I am not quite good at dealing with people sticking nose at anything. I enquire about things to really really close friends..like you, where I don’t feel I am sticking my nose:)

Can relate to it! In my recent trip, when I wore a sari at a family function, this lady asked me in front of others: what is this saree’s price range ! I was too shocked and embarrassed for just that !

lol..’price range’ not the price..they are asking ..pretending not asking..oh man! how did you enjoy the function after that shock anamika?
glad to see your after a gap.

no none at all 🙂 – money comes and goes why keep yet another secret- i am used to people sticking their nose into my business – not that i like it or encourage it but the world is such, always sticking its nose in 🙂

having said that i wont tell any tom dick or harry how much i earn if they posted the question to me in public 🙂

you are telling me to get my nose off?:)

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