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Posted on: November 4, 2010

One does not need huge rock to show the love, just an old jacket will (more than) do.

 Happened this morning. While coming out after dropping both the kids, I was startled by hubby’s car honking at me in the school parking lot.

 He should on his way to work, what he is doing here?. Is everything okay?. As I opened the door, he handed me my suit jacket saying “I think you forgot to take it, you have meetings today”. My heart melted.

 Apparently, when I got dressed for work this morning, I changed my mind and wore blue pinstriped suit instead of original plan to wear a black one. In the hurry I forgot to put the jacket back inside the closet. He saw it outside, thought I forgot and brought it over.

 (Because weather is chilly these days, it can happen that I just put on my winter coat and forget to take the jacket)

 That was very sweet my dear hubby!.God bless you.

 Note: Going in the same lines of WW(Wordless Wednesdays), I am starting a Little Moments Thursday (LMT)series. To share the blessings, those little moments or priceless ‘stolen moments’. My friends, you all are welcome to share here. Bonus, it is good for our health!!


3 Responses to "LMT"

Awwwww! Such little moments are the ones that add meaning to our life; these are the ones that we look back with nostalgia after several years. Very sweet 🙂

well said akay.
love to hear about your moments too

Way to go C 🙂 Way to go 🙂 Capturing such moments in posts makes it permanent doesnt it? Or it might just be forgotten in the harsh speed called life…so I LOVe this idea…

exactly..you said right UL..capturing here makes it permanent….not forgotten..life needs many such little moments..i think moments are there, we need to recognise and appreciate it more often.
so join the LMT fun!

Awww…! if you care, it shows, doesn’t it? I love the idea too, would love to take it up when things settle down a bit.

his gesture touched me deeply..the whole day I was grinning ear to ear..
yes, i need to count my blessings and Little moments more often!Would love to hear from you as well, yes when things settled down

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