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that is a 100!

Posted on: November 4, 2010

100th post that is.

I started on 5 Dec 2008 after much encouragement and cajoling  and some more…

I know 100 posts in 2 years is no achievement to mark compared to many of the regulars. But the fact that it survived 2 years..umm, for sure.

Thank you my friends for bearing with my aviyal ( I am never a good cook:) ). And for that God bless you all.

Below is my inaugural post


5 Dec 2008

After months of encouragement, some cajoling and bit of threatening (don’t leave such long comment on my post..go get your own space;;:)) from few bloggers I visit, here I am stepping into this wilderness with some Aviyal.

Aviyal? you may ask. I like this dish specially the one mommy makes; it has a bit of every vegetable in it and curd;and this what this blog going to be..bit of everything ( including typos) excluding profound thoughts and wisdom ( i don’t have those- May be I will acquire some from the blogspace).

Must confess that I am not that disciplined, so got to see how well I do this. so , here to the beginning…


5 Responses to "that is a 100!"

I just cannot believe it. I just posted my 100th post this morn and what do I see here? Un-frickin-believable!


thanks girl..now do I get mehandi?

One hundred is pretty good – very good – yours – this aviyal here is the best aviyal i have consumed so far 🙂 your mom taught you well 🙂

you are very very kind to me as always UL. Thank you UL, you take good part of the blame..yes I like to jolt down these little nothings here. I never had the habit of writing diaries. I wrote speaches…oh yes I wrote 2 articles for college magazine..one ‘ente Amma’..no surprises there..then ‘kuppivala’ – about broken pieces of kuppivala ( wrote it jointly with a friend). if you remember when we were small there was a game we used to play with the collection of broken kuppivala pieces. you mix it up( kinda shuffle), divide equally between the players. one player starts with one piece and whoever has the best match( in color/design/texture0 gte to keep the heap. next player starts with next piece. What we wrote was from the perspective of the broken piece..wondering where are the other pieces of of the same bangle?wondering about it sibilings/family…like kids trade cards/silly bandz now, we used to trade these pieces. one never knows where a piece end up…i know sounds silly..

anyways..why am I telling you all these?

well, sillyness your alter name is ‘Mia’s Aviyal’

Congratulations Shy.

thanks suman. you know, you too share the blame…(hey thanks)!!

Congrats Shy for reaching this milestone.Here’s to writing many more posts.

thanks Anila!! deepawali malapadakkam aayi 100!
when are you taking the step? waiting to hear lots of stories from you

very interesting, i knew there was a writer in you somewhere 🙂 – i would love to read those pieces you wrote, do you have it kept somewhere safely…

those were in malayalam yaar. I kept ‘ente amma’ for long with me. now no idea. wonder whether I gave to mom as a gift..will check with her this time.

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