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Posted on: November 9, 2010

on our way to swimming class on saturday..

son: ‘look look the bird in the front of the V shape is their leader. others follow the leader and they the V shape. when leader gets tired, goes to back of the row adn another leader takes charge. Ms.L told us”

daughter: where where…where is the leader I can not see the leader

son: the one in the front

daughter: oh I see it now. That leader is a girl

son: no, you don’t know..

daughter: yes I know . it is a girl

(decibels going up, flares almost flying in the beack seat..I am tempted to intervene and threten to pull over…but resists and want to hear where it is going)

son: you are saying it because you are a girl

daughter: not that, the leader is a girl( her voice louder and much firmer now…)

son: (very annoyed by now) how can you tell?. they are so up in the sky.

daughter: yeahh, they are in the sky. But I know it is a girl.


don’t know what got onto her. logic or no logic , she sticks to her  guns. Son tries to  explain the logic.

No idea when the next bird leader gender discussion happens.

anyways, swimming class went well..


2 Responses to "Feminist?"

🙂 oh at such a young age….i think at this age, girls chose girls as role models, and boys chose boys 🙂 – in this generation anyway…

really? interestingly son did not argue that the bird leader was a boy. all son cared was they have a leader and how it leads the team.

i love the way she stuck to her idea.
sometimes it gets on my nerves!

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