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you really mean it?

Posted on: November 11, 2010

asked my colleague this morning in the cafe when I answered ‘very good indeed” to his “how are you?”.

hearing my answer, he paused for a second and asked “you really mean it? how do you appear cheerful most of the time”.

I love my work, my work place and the people I work with and the medical software products we make. I carry work home because the day gets packed in no time. I like it very much. May be it is my comfortzone..don’t know. anyways, why dissect it when I love it. I just simply love it, period.

counting my blessings in LMT series


3 Responses to "you really mean it?"

I am growing to like this series, keep ’em coming.

add some of yours too here, please

I agree, I have a couple coming up soon…i wish i had the time to sit down and type…

keep it coming girl!..who says who have to sit down to type..try when you are doing headstand:)

aha!! so says the lady with all the time in her hands, you must think… 🙂

these days,a day has less than 24hrs south of the border( specifically in your state) missy? 🙂

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