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you are my angel..my darling (LMT)

Posted on: November 18, 2010

Girl  you are my angel, my darling angel.. CHFI radio is playing the song in morning show as we are getting ready for school/work

“mama, did you sing this song for dada?” asked my son

‘No” replied wondering what is coming next.

“i have an idea, call him at work and sing this song. it will be total surprise for him. And he will not know who is singing for him”. Gee.. my son is so romantic(me thinking)

I agreed to his plan; called hubby at work later in the ,did not sing the song but told him about son’s idea. we had a good laugh.

note: a guy is singing the song about his girl. My son did not hear girl at the beginning or did not get  rest of the lyrics, but got the whole concept.


2 Responses to "you are my angel..my darling (LMT)"

love is in the air….:) love love 🙂

oh yeah, my romanric son!

Ha, kids say the darnest things. Don’t they?

indeed- actually sometime good sometimes bad ones too

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