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Feel included

Posted on: November 26, 2010

Not that anybody excluded me; I did not know how to be included.

 2 years back when son was in JK, he was taking school bus to school and was going back by bus to the babysitter. Because I was not dropping off him, I did not get chance to meet any other parents. Then when he used to get invited for his classmates’ birthday, I was not keen to go because I did not know anybody and I did not know what to talk to them without acting weird (read making extra effort to be social). I took him for some anyways.

Come the next year (SK), daughter and son got admission in the daycare running the school building. Because daughter does not go to school, she was not eligible for bus- obviously at 2.5 yrs she is small to get into bus. So I drop both of them in the morning and I got more opportunities to interact with other parents. Slowly I felt included.

 Come this school year, son in grade 1 and I drop them both in the morning. By now, I know most of the parents and chat around a bit once kids get into the class. It feels nice. I make bit of effort to talk to new parents, just in case they are feeling like I felt year ago.

 This is my LMT for this week( although it is Friday already)

 Hope you all had wonderful thanksgiving. Enjoy rest of the long weekend.


3 Responses to "Feel included"

🙂 – the more we meet, the more we have in common – and thus increases our friends circle 🙂

you said it girl. it is important to make feel others included

Absolutely, agree with both of you.

Mia, I am enjoying this LMT series. Just as an FYI, I have been contributing at my space as well.

I caught up with those posts..lovely. i think i like too..hahha

i like your posts. short, sweet and thought provoking

thank you teacher..I am so honored by your visit..please come again

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