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why passing on the gift considered unenthic or not good manners?

once the gift is given what to do with it up to the receiver. they can use it ot give to someone else who has better use of it.

why gift bags, supposedly to be used only once? consider the waste you create( although it gets recycled, it has to use energy to recycle and make it something else.

what will you go for.. value or the thought?

why so much importance to presentation( I mean gift wrapping?)


to the road..

Friday morning after US thanksgiving , many of us  getting morning coffee/tea was talking about gaining 10+ minutes on that morning drive to work.

Friday mornings are normally light, but that was very very light.

“Because”, explained an older colleague,” trucks are off the road. No truck traffic across borders except canadian trucks coming back. US trucks are off-road due to the biggest holiday of the year, no trucks going into US as well. ” Man, anything to keep those trucks away from the road” said another one.

Then the older one explained ” truck traffic is the visible sign of good economy. more trade, better the economy”.

“Alright, man! keep them all on the road, bring more more” together we all said.

little things you learn.


Posted on: December 3, 2010

“my throat is paining, I need to gargle”. It is everyday thing as we finish of bed time brushing. I have been trying to teach my kids to gargle for quite some time. My daughter picked it up so well, not just that she loves it and pretend throat pain.

( I envied UL when Meera learnt gargling from her grandma)


” I don’t like you mama” little concerned me turns around then comes ‘ I love you” ( apparently love is superlative form of ‘like’ for son. So be it!.

I got this few times recently from both ” I don’t like your cooking mama, I just love it”


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