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iron out this irony

Posted on: December 7, 2010

why passing on the gift considered unenthic or not good manners?

once the gift is given what to do with it up to the receiver. they can use it ot give to someone else who has better use of it.

why gift bags, supposedly to be used only once? consider the waste you create( although it gets recycled, it has to use energy to recycle and make it something else.

what will you go for.. value or the thought?

why so much importance to presentation( I mean gift wrapping?)


4 Responses to "iron out this irony"

I don’t recycle gifts but I recycle gift bags all the time. I see no harm in it!

I don’t pack gifts in fancy wrappers. Of late, I have been using the reusable bags that are easily available these days.

Of course, it’s the thought behind the gifts…!

thank for your thoughts suman.sorry took a while to respond

it is the thought that matters to me as well, honestly gifting is not my arena – am not used to giving and recieving gifts – not while i was growing up anyway….so i am always overwhelmed when people give something to me or my family, it surprises and amazes me….i feel like i am always lacking when it comes to returning the favor.

I have vishu kaineetom from you..priceless gift , I would say dearie

The thought behind the gifts count.I reuse all the beautiful gift bags.It’s a waste not using them.Very rarely i regift also if i have run out of gift articles that i have bought for giving.Happy Holidays.

sorry for the late response Anila. thank you for sharing your thoughts.Hope your holidays were good.

good thought.
but have you thought of the large number of people who earn their livelihood making these throwaway things?

but we are wasting resources teacher..even recyling need energy to be spend.

i know..similarly so torn on fireworks and child labour..should I or should I not? “confusion theerkaname..joining Jayaram in one of his movie song

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