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Minister at Large

Posted on: February 15, 2011

At the END of last sunday mass, priest introduced and invited a gentleman to the dais to speak. I could not hear the introduction, but he looked familiar. Then he started talking about immigration to Canada. Light bulb ..he is Jason Kenney, Canada’s Hon Minister of Immigration and Multiculturalism. He was there to thank our parishoners for sponsoring an Iraqi catholic family, whose life is in danger due their faith, to settle in our parish  http://beta.tweetcommons.com/tweets/MinJK/320723.  He also noticed, our parish represents a true multicultural Canada. His speech was done in 3mts.

He is a Catholic and attended mass with all of us. Up until he came to talk at the end, i did not know Hon minister was in the church. I am sure I was not alone. There was nothing noticeable. No police/ security, no motorcade, no crowded praking lot, no holding traffic to church…only a reserved pew at the front of the church, which most us did not notice. He was there for the whole mass, not just for the speech.

After the mass I asked and confirmed he is Jason Kenney, just to be sure. he interacted freely with us parishoners. Youth group had a bake sale for valentine’s day. he stood in line like one of us to buy goodies.

Coming from a country where every official thinks it is their birth right to hold traffic ( longer the block, higher the status), Z class security left right and centre, motorcade, always come late and what not, I was impressed, very impressed(altough I don’t agree to all his policies, that is beside the point)

He is just 42yrs old, young man had all the reason to put up a show off his status.

It also reminded me of a traffic jam which delayed us by about 2 hrs on NH-47 on my recent trip to Kerala. As we crawled and finally passed the bottleneck, we realised that some @#$%&@ local politician was giving a speech. C’mon what good are you doing blocking the traffic on a busy highway both directions by 2hrs?.And you thought you are serving the public?

Everything in western world is not bad.

Btw: this makes a RASAM post ( sigh! a dying project..double sigh!! fire that project leader!)


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Hats off indeed! The one reason why I wanted away from India – common man, honesty, hard work isn’t appreciated….surprising how much we have fallen as a culture…saddening too!

it is sad indeed UL

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