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do we really mean it..

Posted on: March 7, 2011

or is it something we just got used to saying  ( for the heck of it)

“Life is not fair’

If we mean it, what will make it fair? When that is taken care of, will the life be fair ? or we will find something else lacking and say “Life is not fair”?

Is it appropriate to tell the kids life is not fair? If so, why should we teach them to be ‘fair’ in their dealings..fair game,fair to everybody etc..


2 Responses to "do we really mean it.."

The answer depends on what experiences you have in life, what observations you have made of life and how they have shaped you as a person.

It took me a very very long time to find my ground on this subject. My answer is – life is not fair to everybody all the time. But the great thing is that the human spirit is resilient. We crib, moan and whine, but at the end of the day we get up and walk. That’s what makes life beautiful! At the end of the day, things have a way of falling in place. Somehow it balances at the end of the day.

It’s funny you asked this in the context of kids. Tuls was upset last night because a few of his bus friends made fun of his birthmarks. Of course I talked to him and told him how birth marks made him who he was. That we make friends based on behavior not on looks. A little bit about the motivation to tease etc. But that was not enough, he said – “may be I could be mean to them instead”. We will work on it. An eye for an eye at the end of the day only ends up in blindness.

Thank you for your insight suman. I can only expect pearls of wisdom from you.
I want to teach kids about fairness. I do beleive life is fair in large scheme of things, even if some incidents/some moments seem unfair then and there. I think like you said, it balances out. thank you

No, we don’t , mean it that is- we have a habit of just throwing out such phrases at random…we are like little kids in that matter…we all at some point in life has made such a statement…the truth is “life is life” with its equal share of good and bad, that’s what makes it life…so to say it is not fair is like highligting all bad characterestics of a person while not acknowledging the good things – i always tell my little one that life circles…i believe she is beginning to get it now…being truthful to one self and others is our duty, that’s what we should teach to our kids…

dear for sharing your thoughts..loved this ‘life circles’. This exactly why I did this post. we don’t mean it and it is just a bad habit of throwing these phrases. if we don’t mean it, why not we promise ourselves not to throw these good for nothing phrases..especially this one. what say?thank you

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