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kiddie bites

Posted on: March 14, 2011

My daughter loves to talk to me, talk to dada, talk to bro..all day long when she is home. Ofcourse she is all of 4 yrs already. As much as she loves to talk/read/sing made up song, she dislikes cleaning up after playing.

She is very fascinated with batteries and likes to change batteries for cars and other toys.

Last sunday late afternoon, it went like this:

mama: Molu, please clean up the toys. it is very messy and no place even to stand. mama is going to come with garbage bag soon’

molu( half singing half talking): It is not all my mess mama, bro made some too. i am doing some painting anyways’

mama: when it comes to talking you have so much energy molu. but when I ask you to clean up, you don’t even move

molu: oh mama, i know why, because my battery is down.

should I laugh..should I (try) to hold my serious face?. I went to her, charged her up turning the pretend key, off she went like a winding toy and cleaned up all the toys( once she started I helped her). she was happy, I was happy.< the end>


1 Response to "kiddie bites"

what a wonderful tale!! charging battery indeed…good thing they charge up so fast right? 🙂

they do..and I really enjoy it

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