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Little Moments Thursday

Posted on: April 20, 2011

Little, but precious moments when I read a 2 liner email from my friend.

This happens, we postponed emailing each other because there was so much to tell and share. 2 liners won’t cut. Planning for long email went too long, almost did not happen..then we decided ‘2 liner hee sahi’..feels so good! thank you dear.

note: been absent here too long. same problem wanted post so much, but never could get around it. ‘2 liner hee sahi’


3 Responses to "Little Moments Thursday"

haan… 2 liner hee sahi, better than going silent. And look who’s talking about going silent 😛

par thoda aur likho madam. abhi vaapas aakhe bahut time hogaya na? no more silence, please

hugs back dearie

me too, sending you a two -worder here…did i miss your birthday…belated belated wishes to my beautiful friend here…love love

what how did you pop up here UL?. oh yes you missed wishing me big time when I turned 25! never mind I accept belated wishes too..
and you missed another friend’s b’day too. I wished her on your behalf too and she accepted it..hahah
love to see u here..but enjoy, make full use of your time there

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