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Terra firma

Posted on: May 3, 2011

This is home, my loyalty is to this country. Plans of going back to my country of birth never occured to me then(when I came) and now. When I die, I want to be buried here.

I guess, we all feel differently. There is no right or wrong, it is just how each one of feel.

It was federal election time for us, yeah yet again. Minority govt was brought down on non confidence. Monday night, we have a new majority govt. I was following election closely province by province..well, it is making me  all ‘senti’ I think.

‘True North strong and free…”


3 Responses to "Terra firma"

Oh I hear you. I agree that each of us feel differently about these things and that is fine as long as we are happy (and at peace) with where we are. Isn’t that what counts ultimately?

@akay: Yes, the essence is to be happy and at peace. Though no right or wrong, i think it is important for each of us to know clearly where do we call home.

coincidently I cma e across this article in TOI, the same day I made this post

home is where the heart is, is it not? today it is here, tomorrow it might be elsewhere -lately i am finding out that i carry my home with me wherever i go – if it has to be one single place then it is that place of peace deep within me – one i am most confortable at, one i can be happy and sad, one i can return to time and time again….

mmm..i was expecting a philosophical response from you and you did not disappoint me:). Unlike you, I don’t carry my home with me.it is here,i don’t feel at home when In india or anywhere else, anymore.

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