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to love, to cherish

Posted on: May 19, 2011

..we have not seen each other for th last 11+ years. Then my cousin came visiting with his son, who was a shy 4yr old when I last saw him, not for a day but staying with us for 3 days. Actually the whole family was to come,but  ‘chetta’- (their older son) got sick attending a special olympics of the county previous weekend.So did not get to see my cousin SIL and bubbly 7yr niece I have not met.

we talked and talked some more, he and hubby(meeting him for first time) had few drinks and more talks. His son is such a fine 15yr old. my kids bonded with him so well. It was indeed  a visit to cherish

..to love . Priest said “with the marriage comes certain privileges. now you may kiss the bride”. In the message to the newly weds priest also advised them ( both investment bankers- who advise their clients to diverify their investments) NOT to diversify, turning to groom ” Put all your eggs into one basket now. Don’t diversify”. we had good laugh but the message was strong and clear.

It was my aunt’s daughter’s wedding. very very beautiful wedding. Aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, friends gathered from all parts of the world to attend the wedding and bless the couple.

All functions- at the church,  the reception, dinner previous evening, brunch next day- were well organised and managed. beautiful.

This post will be incomplete without mentioning Maid of Honor-sister of the bride. she looked amazing in the purple dress. Family who know the sisters well were all teary eyed when in her speech she talked about her sister and how she was ready to trade the sister for a puppy, while growing up.

It was indeed a weekend to cherish and renew the love.

Cousin insisted that we visit them in Maryland this summer, with a promise to teach me cook perfect steak..very tempting invitation


1 Response to "to love, to cherish"

what a wonderful family reunion – some things like these are forever cherished, arent they? is this aunty’s daughter who got wed? I believe i have met her? congrats to all…am slowly getting back into the groove, bear with me…. love, UL

yes yes, Rose aunty’s daughter. you sure have met aunty and danced the night out once in my apartment with your sis, my sis and aunty.aunty asks about you guys now and then.

Glad to have you back. thanks for the comments. settle down, take your time..I have enough patience to wait for those interesting tales from the trip

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