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Wish you all a good one. WE are hitting road friday early morning,  covering both the countries over the weekend.

Unlike our CEO, who only wished July4th ( what it takes you to add 2 more words in your email sir? and in  the process win many hearts)  I want to wish everyone.

Have a great weekend dear friends.

Happy 144th Birthday Canada! God bless Canada! God Bless USA!

see you guys monday nite..


Family way?

Posted on: June 24, 2011

With Indian media spending tons of ink and digital space on a celebrity pregnancy, this thought from the back burner came to the front burner.

it is kind of sensitive..the question I have is…why expecting a baby is considered starting family? isn’t the couple already a family?   kids make the family?..can’t get my head around it. why birth control is called family planning? ( to me the planning leading up to making that commitment is family planning)

2 people bonded by love in a beautiful relationship, committed to each other- that is family. kids add to the family.  We celebrate our wedding anniversary as our family birthday, not the day my first child is born.

somebody explain this to me…it could also be my limited knowledge of english ( and its nuances)

Thursday morning, conversation in the car while waiting at the crossing right outside the school, for the crossing guard to clear the way.

DD(dear daughter): Oh she is  very old.

DS( dear son): who? the crossing guard lady?

DD: yeah, she is very old.

MM(mama me): No, she is not that old. She can still walk, and she is helping kids to cross the street every school day morning and afternoon. she is quite able.

DD: but her hair is white and skin all wrinkled mama

**now wait this gem**

DS: C, mama will be old too. That day is coming soon, really soon.

At that DD went silent, MM laughed out loud. as he stepped out from the car to school, I asked him still laughing “why did you say that?” he replied ‘ I don’t know, but you are getting old”

good weekend girls…. ” That day is coming soon, really soon”


That was  a good game. Tim Thomas, what a goalie! he was like a tall and wide brick wall!

some trivia: how Canadian is Boston Bruins team?

Bruins: 17 canadians, 3 Americans,6 International( captain Chara is Slovenian nationality)

Canucks: 17 Canadians,6 Americans,9 International

Congratulations Bruins! until next time..

Suman, pass our congrats to Tuls. Kids even told our neighbours that mama’s friend’s son is cheering for Boston because he is from there.

UL’s comment on this post is worth a post..so here you go..

“girls – i do hope you liked khalnaayak – sanjay, jackie and madhuri !! – now that is a movie i would love to watch with you ladies when we do meet – naughty, mischievious, action, romance all combined – tell me – here’s a quiz – which character would you support in real life? J or S?” and why?

[edited the title to add focus on the character not the actors]

Bruins tied the game at 3-3. Alright, we have the cup on Wednesday night for game 7. Go canucks!



Suman and I,

 How can we? Tonite is game 6 Stanley cup finals Canucks at Boston Bruins. I am Canucks fan, Bruins is her home team.

 For now Canucks lead the series 3-2 and we win today’s game, Stanley Cup is ours- game over!!.


I was not into NHL or sports in general for that matter. Being mother to 2 kids helps- now wonder I am bigger fan or them. I don’t know all the rules but son explains to me. Similarly Suman get updates from her son Tuls, but I don’t think she is hooked like me.


 Winning is always important to me, then and now, no matter  what others say. Tonite I will be sitting on the edge of the couch ,watching…Stanley Cup will be in the building while they play,C’mon that Cup belong to Canadian team this year..Go Canucks Go!! God bless.

 God, please don’t stretch it to another game..I am so short on time

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