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A decade..

Posted on: June 10, 2011

Of togetherness, love, happiness, ups and downs, achievements, disappointments, little moments, big fat moments..

 As you celebrate your 10th anniversary, wishing you these two special couples a life time of happiness. Happy Anniversary UL & Manu, Laksh & K.

 It feels like yesterday we 3 girls took Ul out for lunch before she set off to India to get married to her prince charming. Sort of a bachelorette party, we went to Dosa hut, food was good, we had the most amazing and entertaining girly talk..laughed till our tummies (really) hurt.

 I have looked up to Ul and Manu always. To me, theirs is a fairy tale on earth right in front of my eyes. Even when she tells me they have their downs in life, I almost refuse to believe. They are so much in love with each other, when Ul talks about Manu, she always blushes like a like a new bride. It fills my heart to see you both together. May God continue to bless you, that is my prayer for you. Wishes from hubby and kids, as well.

 Ul introduced me to laksh(virtually..3-4 yrs back)..I have never met her and K, but they have become part of life. Laksh’s posts on family and K are like thayir saadam..you can never have enough it, so full of love (and romance). May you grow in love day by day. God bless you Laksh and K.

 Have searched long and hard for the right songs to mark this special occasion. None of the hindi/mallu/tamil songs did  justice. Hope you like this one.


4 Responses to "A decade.."

Thank you dear Shy…thank you. I am lost for words – thank you for your love and continuing support this last decade – you are such a sweetheart to remember and always express it so bequitfully, loved the song. It does seem like yesterday that the three of you took me out – life has happened to all of us and we have so many experiences to share in the last decade or so…I do feel blessed to have found Manu – where will I be without him?

you both deserve the whole love in the world!wish i could wish you in person today. somehow i was thinking about 10th celebration from last year. thought we all can get together and celebrate it. though we don’t have the party, we are celebrating the love! God bless you dear ones

Yay! to ten years of togetherness. Happy anniversary Laksh and UL.

yay!thanks sumany for joining the party:)

Dear Shy,

Thank you very, very much. K and I watched the song together and enjoyed it much. It truly is the story of my life. I am feeling blessed by all the wishes from everywhere. Thank you again so much.

Love and hugs,


Glad you liked it Laksh. have fabulous day!happy Birthday to your family!love to kay and cee

Cute Post.Wishing them both a Happy Anniversary and decades of happiness again.


I am sure they are happy to get the wishes from here as well Anila

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