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alright, it is still anybody’s game!!

Posted on: June 13, 2011

Bruins tied the game at 3-3. Alright, we have the cup on Wednesday night for game 7. Go canucks!




6 Responses to "alright, it is still anybody’s game!!"

ok, i came here to ask who won? i am totally ignorant about these things….i am not taking sides, i am neutral 🙂 so this result works for me perfect 🙂

UL,you have nothing to do with Boston..show some consideration to the old home country yaar..say with me now Go Canucks!

you have a point – but on the verge of becoming american – any day – so neutral would make sense BUT – am a canadian at this very moment, so i concede – “Go Canucks” 🙂

What do you mean she has nothing to do with Boston. She has ME. UL, come on to this side, will you? No thrill like cheering the underdog who is going to take the cup anyway!

Will come back later – but thought of you Mia. Check this out – http://www.boston.com/sports/hockey/bruins/gallery/stanley_cup_stories/

@suman:don’t try this sasuraal wala trick on UL now, she declared her loyality to canucks and she is committed.Nothing can change her..hahha

hey thanks for the cup stories:)

sasurally wala trick – had a hearty laugh reading that comment Shy.

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