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Here for you girl!

Posted on: June 13, 2011

Tad late(giving into your mean demands 🙂 )..hope you had a good one!

This is one of my favorite songs and Madhuri dances like a Pari (fairy) . Hope one day we can dance to this song together.


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Whose b’day did I miss?

Waiting, waiting and waiting.

suman,am I supposed to tell you? we are not in talking terms even..see my next post 🙂

Loved this song. Love love Madhuri (not just in this one, in general) but i do not know any of these bollywood moves.

Wow… that was beautiful! Love every bit of the song from the costume to the dance. So, when are we dancin’?

@suman: I always struggle with myself is madhuri better or shobhana?I love them both.
@akay:agree, this song is a total package.
aap hukum keejiye..hum nachenge aur aapko bhi nachayenge:) hopefully we all will meet soon

@Mia – can’t agree with you more. To me, Shobana (in the recent years) will always be the complete dancer. May be I am partial to her cos she is a Bharatnatyam dancer? or a fellow South Indian? I dunno… but I agree, Madhuri is an awesome dancer too. “Channe ke keth mein” is one of my all time fav dance… Haan! hum sab milne ka plan karna saahiye… maza aayega! kab?

@oh Akay: watch madhuri with Prabhu deva in movie Pukar song ‘ke sera sera’.fabulous! Film Raja with sanjay kapoor ‘akhian milao kabhi’..i can go on. shobhana where do I start, not just dance what acting man..give her any role..any darn role..

– ok – “oru murai vanthu pathaaya…” for shobhana – and a fisherwoman song for madhuri – trying to figure which one that was – she was gorgeous there and have you guys forgotten

“chole ke peeche?” – who could beat that one ?? 🙂 – that would something lovely to dance to – if we can all get down to her figure when we do meet 🙂

girls – i do hope you liked khalnaayak – sanjay, jackie and madhuri !! – now that is a movie i would love to watch with you ladies when we do meet – naughty, mischievious, action, romance all combined – tell me – here’s a quiz – which character would you support in real life? J or S?

BTW I found the movie with the fisherwoman song –

“Humko Aajkal Hai Intezaar “- Sailab 1990 – there is a few utube versions of this video, check it out…

@UL, lovely to see you here and you are on a roll with comments. loved all the songs you mentioned and not mentioned too. for both Madhuri and Shobahana, way too many to list. isn’t it?
My heart is aching to have a fun get together with this set of friends..must be a rowdy party eh!!

now, go take your own quiz(J or S? ). I did not want that to get lost in the comments, so made it a post

how about you tell me firsr 🙂

…and oh it is us getting together -nothing but rowdy would do 🙂

I agree with all your comments – looks like you girls have been on a roll and I missed the fun (rather joined a lil late). Personally I feel Shobana was a more complete actress than Madhuri, any day. In terms of pure dancing capabilities, both are equally good – expressions, moves and the whole package… What say?

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