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we don’t see eye to eye

Posted on: June 13, 2011

Suman and I,

 How can we? Tonite is game 6 Stanley cup finals Canucks at Boston Bruins. I am Canucks fan, Bruins is her home team.

 For now Canucks lead the series 3-2 and we win today’s game, Stanley Cup is ours- game over!!.


I was not into NHL or sports in general for that matter. Being mother to 2 kids helps- now wonder I am bigger fan or them. I don’t know all the rules but son explains to me. Similarly Suman get updates from her son Tuls, but I don’t think she is hooked like me.


 Winning is always important to me, then and now, no matter  what others say. Tonite I will be sitting on the edge of the couch ,watching…Stanley Cup will be in the building while they play,C’mon that Cup belong to Canadian team this year..Go Canucks Go!! God bless.

 God, please don’t stretch it to another game..I am so short on time


8 Responses to "we don’t see eye to eye"

Hahaha, you got me!

Winning is so important to my little one too. I know there will be tears (some were shed whenever Mumbai Indians lost in the IPL series. Why Mumabi Indians, nobody knows…) if we do lose tonight. i think he kinda intuitively realizes that the odds are against the Bruins, so he told on Friday – Mama, I think I support Canucks. Of course, his heart is with the Bruins. Let’s see.

Not hooked but slowly warming to the idea of following sports. I don’t want to be left out.

@suman:I love your kido Tuls. I can understand the tears. Tell him to let go this time for my sake ( for I want canucks to win so badly…see winning is important to me as well)

It’s going to be great game tonite..because it is do or die for both the teams, almost.
Can you beleive in NBA finals son was supporting Miami Heats and I was with Dallas Mavericks and Dallas won yesterday..I am riding high on wins:)

Strangely, I find a special bonding between us when we watch sports together..he asks “mama, come cosy up with me. how can you cook when there is a game…bla ”

he also says ” you cheer too loud for my team”(his scoccer team that is on Thursday evenings).I guess I embarass him ..i don’t care..hahha

get on the wagon suman..Oh!sorry I am not talking to you 🙂

of course, tears will be shed for Mumbai Indians as none less than SRT leads them. Come on, Suman you should know this 🙂 Anyway, I agree with Mia’s sentiments – winning means everything to me, I don’t agree with the “participation is what counts” sentiment. Of course, I don’t know anything about NHL – but may the best team win 😀

@akay: May our tribe grow in multifolds, yes to winning!!..Thanks for the wishes to canucks( ofcourse they are THE BEST team).
btw, where do you play ice hockey in sunny california:(

C’mon girls, whatever happened to spirit of true sportsmanship. Wouldn’t we miss out on the journey if we keep our eyes on the destination?

Mia – Canucks is the best team? oh yeah! we will know tonight.

@Mia – girl, haven’t you heard of Sharks. So yes, the sunny Bay area does have a team, just that it has not grabbed my interest yet 🙂

@Suman – But isn’t the whole point of the journey to reach the destination? No destination, no journey no? 🙂

@akay: I know sharks..i don’t even consider them team 😦 .
but totally with you on this..no destination no journey..well said

@Mia, And that should tell you why I don’t follow NHL 😛

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