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Quiz Time girls..Jackie or Sanjay ‘s character in Khalnayak ?

Posted on: June 14, 2011

UL’s comment on this post is worth a post..so here you go..

“girls – i do hope you liked khalnaayak – sanjay, jackie and madhuri !! – now that is a movie i would love to watch with you ladies when we do meet – naughty, mischievious, action, romance all combined – tell me – here’s a quiz – which character would you support in real life? J or S?” and why?

[edited the title to add focus on the character not the actors]


12 Responses to "Quiz Time girls..Jackie or Sanjay ‘s character in Khalnayak ?"

i am really curious what everyone’s answer would be here – to expand a little, i am not asking which actor you like more – you could tell me that as well but if you have watched the movie, there are some real life characters like the two who we see there(of course it is a hindi movie, so there is bound to be masala yet….), whose side would you be on – i have an idea of who would say what – esp. the regulars here, so do indulge me and tell me your answer – if you havent seen it, watch the movie or read its story and tell me J or S? Thank you Shy for posting it as a post 🙂

and oh tell me why as well please – and Shy, mind if i answer last???? 🙂 you go first girl – question was mine 🙂 ha 🙂

@ UL, i edited the post. yes you can go last.
But before even I begin, I must tell you you pust me in a ‘trishankuswargam’..both are equally good, compete in charm factor..bhagwan mujhe bachalo…

“Ayushmaan bhava” 🙂 Ramayan style sahi – bhagavan zaroor teri raksha karengi 🙂 eagerly waiting to hear the responses

Well in the movie (as well as in real life), I think J is the man of my dreams. Yes, I am very boring that way, the dark side doesn’t interest me much. And J was every bit drool-worthy in that movie as well 🙂

So, UL tell me – was your hunch right wrt my guess?

Spot on Akay – spot on 🙂

ok, I like ballu’s ma:) why that was not a choice UL:)

Ballu(sanjay) is not a bad guy. If he was, he would have mistreated ganga. I love his commitment to his mission, love for ganga, love for her sister ( ballu is for sure a Taurean)..oh look at his drowsy dreamy eyes- what is not to love about him. Ram(jackie) is fine but he tries too hard to impress ganga, his seniors-although in a good way. his story is very straight forward, whatever happened to the twists an turns and the excitement life offers?

whatever happened to my evil twin:(

atleast i can use her words for this “So, UL tell me – was your hunch right wrt my guess?”

what? your choice is ballu’s ma?? ok let me get this straight – not a bad guy versus fine – which one is it? 🙂 only kidding – obviously ballu – and yes dearie – i thought you would pick him – but i also wondered if it were real life whether you would lean towards Ram – the good guy without a record – curious to hear from laksh, suman, anila, anamika , js,. munch etc 🙂

Ha.. I knew my evil twin would pick Ballu and isn’t that why you are evil 😀 Somehow, Sanjay Dutt doesn’t work for me and how much ever hard I try to look at Ballu’s character w/o thinking of Sanjay Dutt, it is hard. That said, even if you are not bad, if you are on the side of bad by association you become bad, no? As they say in tamil even if you drink milk under a plam tree, people would call it toddy 🙂

And yes, girls like bad boys but when real world kicks in, I think we would prefer the seedha saadha Ram to the twisted Ballu, wouldn’t we all?

@akay: why you torture me yaar..oh, the very mention of fresh toddy make me want to have some of it
@Ul ,akay: mmm, in real life ..got me thinking, will come back forthat

@Ul,akay: like drinking milk under palm tree- it is the perceived bad association. probbaly I have been there, many times drinking milk under palm tree but perceived by many as drunkard. I have been on the other side too, making judgement about another person drinking milk as drunkard. I have made some progress atleast( or so I think) to see people beyond the perception. in anycase, if one getting dehydrated and dying , why not todday if that is the only thing available.so everybody has reasons( many valid) to do /behave their way-like ballu.
in real life- I hope I will look beyond the perception to understand the person and choose wisely

I have quite a few issues with Ram in ramayan; the major one being, putting Sita, who accompanied him to Vanvaas(she did not have to) and got lost and when came from Raavan, asked her to to Agnipareeksha to prove her purity- so that Ram can impress his praja/people–how lame is that

UL, don’t remember watching the movie. Will read and get back here.

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