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Congrats Bruins!

Posted on: June 15, 2011

That was  a good game. Tim Thomas, what a goalie! he was like a tall and wide brick wall!

some trivia: how Canadian is Boston Bruins team?

Bruins: 17 canadians, 3 Americans,6 International( captain Chara is Slovenian nationality)

Canucks: 17 Canadians,6 Americans,9 International

Congratulations Bruins! until next time..

Suman, pass our congrats to Tuls. Kids even told our neighbours that mama’s friend’s son is cheering for Boston because he is from there.


4 Responses to "Congrats Bruins!"

congrats indeed – you are a good sport mia, wasnt too proud to hear the news that greeted me in yahoo this morn -about the hockey riot in va, usually canadians dont behave like this…i wonder what happened..

@UL, I was not disappointed when Canucks lost. it is important o appreciate the efforts to get to that slot. But very disaapointed to see the riot stuff. Today when I opened the newspaper frontpage I was expecting half page pic of Tim Thomas holding the cup, instead it was the riot pic (the other pic was in sports section). My plan was to wake up son showing him newspaper pic, as he slept before the game was over. anyways, he too was not happy about the front page pic where a riot guy was even showing fingers while burning cars. few rotten apples among 100K gathered people.

daughter still thinks they should have played more games till Canucks wins:)
note: this was the only saving grace

Tuls went to the victory parade with his dad on Sat. We (other than Ram) all now have a Bruins t-shirt! 🙂

@suman:loved the parade, Brad merchand’s instant raap and Tim Thomas’s shaved face( did it for charity)..congrats again family, enjoy the t-shirt.Tuls must be thrilled to see his heros.

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