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“that day is coming soon” -LMT

Posted on: June 17, 2011

Thursday morning, conversation in the car while waiting at the crossing right outside the school, for the crossing guard to clear the way.

DD(dear daughter): Oh she is  very old.

DS( dear son): who? the crossing guard lady?

DD: yeah, she is very old.

MM(mama me): No, she is not that old. She can still walk, and she is helping kids to cross the street every school day morning and afternoon. she is quite able.

DD: but her hair is white and skin all wrinkled mama

**now wait this gem**

DS: C, mama will be old too. That day is coming soon, really soon.

At that DD went silent, MM laughed out loud. as he stepped out from the car to school, I asked him still laughing “why did you say that?” he replied ‘ I don’t know, but you are getting old”

good weekend girls…. ” That day is coming soon, really soon”



4 Responses to "“that day is coming soon” -LMT"

Hahaha… kids they say the cutest things don’t they? looks like in Tuls class there is a lot of talk going on boy friend and girl friend. He tells me I am his oldest and favorite girl friend. Hahahaha.

@suman: you being Tul’s girl friend reminded me of this song , son asking mommy to marry him http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ObowphKhKn0

Although I don’t encourage, it is okay when small kids talk of GF/BF. but it annoys me a lot when adults asks a girl-boy preschool/elementary school buddies ‘Is she your GF/BF? are you going to marry her?’ C’mon..they are just friends and let them be..do we have to rub it on them?.
does it bother you suman?

i know your sentiments mia, some adults does rub it in too much, and that’s where the kids start getting all the wrong ideas….story with jj was same – and that was a year ago – i suppose girls mature faster than boys…

@UL;yes those questions from adults with a wicked smile give kids wrong ideas..i agree

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